Pyrosorb-S Class 0 Foam Sheets

Fireseal Class 0 Foam Sheets

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Fireseal Class 0 foam sheets are known for their exceptional fire-retardant properties. It is regarded as the best foam to protect from the spread of flames, whilst limiting heat output during a blaze. Popularly used as acoustic foam, this unique type of foam’s uses, however, do not stop there.

These foam sheets can be used for application such as within air conditioning equipment and duct systems, inside generator rooms to form a fire seal, on oil rigs, for prison mattresses, M.O.D vehicles, inside engine bay compartments and for a variety of automotive and marine applications. Due to its high-density, Fireseal foam also acts as an excellent sound absorbing material. For those wishing to equip their recording studio with layers of highly fire-retardant foam, this is the perfect choice.

Why Choose Fireseal Class 0 Foam?

Fireseal Class 0 foam is renowned as a highly flame-retardant foam type. It is used in a variety of applications and is not just accredited to use for sound insulation. This is a popular foam type used in a variety of specialist M.O.D vehicles which helps to prevent the spread of flames and ultimately helps to save lives in the event of an emergency.
Fireseal Class 0 foam is a much safer alternative when compared to the conventional use of other foam types.

Due to its open celled structure and high-density levels it also makes for excellent use in the application of sound proofing rooms. This is a highly fire resistant and flexible type of foam, which is safe to handle, meaning it can be utilised in a variety of scenarios by numerous individuals. Fireseal Class 0 Foam does not erode or migrate within air movement (up to 6000 ft/min) and is non-fibrous, thus eliminating any potential health concerns one may have regarding a link to fibrous materials.

Know Where Your Fireseal Foam is Coming From

All of our products are manufactured entirely here in the United Kingdom. Our Fireseal Class 0 is of a superior quality when compared to some other foam types of the same class distributed within the UK. Being made in the UK, we uphold all the product quality values, that are designated by UK law. We manufacture our products whilst adhering to IS0 9001 standards. Our foam sheets are fabricated here in the UK within our highly advanced factory, which is equipped with the latest cutting technology.

When you purchase from us, you’re purchasing directly from the manufacturer, as such you’ll be saving money when compared to purchase from a third-party supplier. You’ll also have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. We’ve been supplying foam products for over 40 years and are more than happy to advise and answer any questions relating to Fireseal Class 0 foam sheets. 

Fireseal Class 0 Foam Sheets Specifications:

    Type Impregnated PU Foam
    Colour Dark Grey
    Density >90kg/m3
    Thickness 6mm - 100mm
    Operating Temperature -30ºC to 100ºC
    Fire Performance EN 13501-1 Euro Class* B-s1,d0

    BS 476 Part 6 Fire Propagation Index <12 >6mm

    BS 476 Part 7 Surface Spread of flame Class 1

    Building Regulations Paragraph A13 (b) Class 0

    ASTM E84-09 Surface Burning Characteristic Flame Spread index 10

    Smoke Developed Index 20

    ASTM C411-04 Hot Surface Performance @100ºC 96hr Pass

    UL94 Classification 94-V-0

    ASTM C1071-05 12.7 Air Erosion Resistance 6 - 50mm Pass

    ASTM D-2020-92 Mildew (Fungus) Resistance Does not support growth

    ASTM G21-96 Fungus Resistance Test Does not support growth

    ASTM C1104-06 Water Vapour Sorption <9%

    ASTM C518-04 Thermal Conductivity 0.32 Btu-in/ft2-hrºF @6mm

    *Certification of Euroclass 6mm - 50mm adhered, 50mm unadhered

    Acoustic Performance

    Sound Absorption @ 12mm αw 0.30
    Sound Absorption @ 25mm αw 0.45
    Sound Absorption @ 75mm αw 0.75

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