Plastazote LD33 Closed Cell Foam Sheet - Polyethylene Foam

Plastazote LD33 Closed Cell Foam Sheet - Polyethylene Foam

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Polyethylene foam (also known as closed cell foam) is a popular foam suitable for a wide range of applications. Plastazote LD33 is a specialised type of polyethylene foam and a member of the Azote range created by Zotefoam. It possesses a unique cellular structure that consists of a series of interlinked closed cells containing nitrogen.

Plastazote LD33 is a particularly popular choice for foam packaging. It can be wrapped around items of value to protect them through transit or cut and shaped into foam trays to house items securely. This closed cell foam sheet has an inherently high impact threshold due to its tightly bonded cell structure. The closed nitrogen-filled cells resist incoming force and quickly rebound, much like the way a balloon responds to certain levels of force. It is often used to protect items of high importance such as medical equipment, tools, camera equipment antiques, military hardware and more.

Because it is a closed cell foam, Plastazote LD33 is also water-resistant. Water cannot travel into the cells of this polyethylene foam which also makes it a very buoyant material. Considering this, Plastazote is often used near water and within swimming pools as a flotation aid. It can also be used in a variety of sportswear for protection purposes and sees a lot of use in the medical industry.

This closed cell foam sheet can be heat moulded between the temperatures of 85 - 140 °C. This makes it a great material for crafting certain medical support aids such as splints and braces. Once warm enough to mould, it can be directly applied to a patient’s area of complaint to help provide support and relief.

Plastazote LD33 Polyethlene Foam Sheets - Closed Cell Foam Specifications

  • Polyethylene Foam (Closed Cell Foam) manufactured by Zotefoam a part of the Azote range
  • Water Resistant and Buoyant
  • Can Withstand High Levels of Impact
  • Easily Cut to Size and Shape
  • Heat Mould Between 85 - 140 °
  • Size - 100cm x 200cm
  • Thickness Range - 5mm to 50mm

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