Reticulated Foam 40100

Reticulated Foam 40100

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Reticulated Foam is ideal for upholstering boat cushions/mattresses, patio furniture, sun loungers or any other form of furniture which may come into contact with water. This is due to the fact that reticulated foam possesses a unique cellular structure which essentially allows liquid to pass freely through it.

Reticulated foam has an open cell structure. This means that it is mesh-like in appearance. It is this mesh which allows liquid to pass freely through it. As such, this is a very quick drying foam.

For cushions, mattresses and other soft furniture used near water, there’s no better foam type than this.

Reticulated Foam 40100 Specifications:

  • Hard Feel Foam
  • Colour - White
  • Open Cell Structure
  • Suitable for Outdoor Applications

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