Reticulated Foam 40100

Reticulated Foam 40100

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Reticulated Foam is ideal for upholstering boat cushions/mattresses, patio furniture, sun loungers or any other form of furniture which may come into contact with water. This is due to the fact that reticulated foam possesses a unique cellular structure which essentially allows liquid to pass freely through it. Recon foam is made up of what is called an open cellular structure, this means that it is mesh like in appearance. It is this mesh which allows liquid to pass freely through it, which makes it incredibly quick drying. For cushions and mattresses that are located near water, there’s no better foam type than reticulated foam.

Reticulated Foam 40100 Specifications:

  • Hard Feel Foam
  • Colour - White
  • Open Cell Structure
  • Suitable for Outdoor Applications

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