9oz Polyester Wadding

9oz Polyester Wadding

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Polyester Wadding (also known as batting or polywadding) is ideal for any soft furnishing application. It can be used for wrapping cushions, pelmets and headboards to name a few. This product offers a cheap and effective way to add additional levels of comfort and is popularly used amongst quilters. Polyester holds its shape and thickness very well when compared to other wadding materials; it is also much more hard wearing. Considering it’s hard wearing properties, Polyester Wadding is great for covers receiving frequent use. It also holds up well within machine washed quilts, making it a popular choice amongst many upholsterers. 

9oz Polyester Wadding Specifications:

  • 305 gram/9oz
  • Polyester Fibre Material
  • 915mm/ 36" wide
  • Comes in 20 metre rolls

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